Thursday, December 6, 2018

Poppies and Peplums

Do you remember my review on the Mamma Can Do It Women's Relaxed Peplum (if not, check it out here)? Well, today I want to tell you all about the MCDI Girl's Relaxed Peplum. The two patterns came out at the same time and they came out as compliment patterns so there is a lot about them that are similar.

For example, the PDF has all of the same bonuses:
  • Layers to print only the size(s) you want
  • A finished measurement chart
  • Fabric and supplies recommendations (Kaylie is wearing DBP)
  • Files to print on Letter, A4 and A0 
  • Step by step full color, detailed photo instructions
  • Links to tips, tricks and hacks from the testers directly in the pattern

There are even more options for the Girl's Relaxed Peplum then there is for the Women's. Go figure, those little ones get it all! 🤣🤣

Sleeve options:

  • Short (this is the option Kaylie is wearing)
  • 3/4 length
  • long
Skirt options:
  • Circle peplum shirt, tunic and dress length
  • Half circle peplum shirt, tunic and dress length
  • Gathered peplum shirt, tunic and dress length
  • High/low peplum shirt to tunic length and tunic to dress length (this is the option Kaylie is wearing)
Neckline options with pattern peices:
  • banding (this is the option Kaylie is wearing)
  • binding

Kaylie fell in love with this peplum and the colors right away! She doesn't wear it very often, but she tends to do that, love something and then not wear it. Usually due to the fact that she doesn't want to ruin it, or she secretly hates them 😕 🤷 It's kind of hard to tell with a 10 year old.

Overall, this pattern was a dream to work with and came together beautifully! I didn't have to blend sizes because Kaylie fits squarely within size 12, which is great because she still has plenty of time to grow within this pattern. Some of the options that come with this pattern are:

  • Size 2T to size 16 or chest size 19.75 to 33.5 (the girl's and women's overlap, giving you some sizes in the teen range)
  • There is the matching Women's pattern (click here)
  • A bundle option to give extra discounts (click here)
  • Super Hero Add on for a quick and easy Halloween or Super Hero costume (click here)

Oh, I almost forgot! I can't believe I almost forgot about the fabric this Relaxed Peplum was made with. Mily Mae had this fantastic deal on mystery boxes and I was lucky enough to snag one and holy cow!! There were so many beautiful fabrics stuffed in that box. These two were perfect for this project! They are both double brushed poly and the only trouble they gave me was deciding which should be the top and which the skirt!

The photo props were Coby's idea! They look so good and make my baby girl look so grown up. Why do children think they need to grow up so fast?

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Women's Relaxed Peplum

I have a confession to make: I do NOT like peplums.

I know, that's not exactly a promising way to start a pattern review when you don't even like the style to begin with, but let me tell you, this peplum is not your average peplum!

First, I made a muslin, just like you are supposed to. I made the gathered high/low skirt and hated it! I don't know what I did, but it was too short and the fabric was too bright and I was so disappointed! But I am part of the Mamma Can Do It promotion team and I was absolutely determined to not let Kelsey and Elizabeth down. I re-evaluated the shirt and adjusted my measurements and tried again. This was the result and I couldn't be more pleased!

So, a little about the MCDI Women's Relaxed Peplum, there are two lengths, shirt and tunic. The difference between the two is the length of the skirt, which is nice so that you can use the same top for all of your pretties. The side waist length and the finished lengths are given. This is so awesome because my side waist is a little bit longer then average even though I am much shorter then average, and it's nice to be told how much I will need to add rather then have to figure it out by measuring the pattern.

Size options:
  • Size 00 to Size 20 available (I made a size 18)
  • That is bust size 30.5 - 46.5
  • There is a matching Girl's pattern available as well (click here)
  • Super Hero Add on (click here)

Sleeve options:
  • Short (I lengthened mine by about 1 inch)
  • 3/4 length
  • long
Skirt options:
  • Circle peplum shirt and tunic length
  • Half circle peplum  shirt and tunic length (I made the half circle in tunic length)
  • Gathered peplum shirt and tunic length
  • High/low peplum shirt front length to tunic back 
Neckline options with pattern pieces:
  • banding
  • binding (I used binding for my neckline)

Just a little about the PDF:

  • Has Layers to print only the size/sizes you want
  • Finished measurement chart
  • Fabric and supplies recommendations (I used a heavy 200 GSM Rayon Spandex)
  • Files to print on Letter, A4 and A0 paper
  • Step by step full color photo instructions
  • Links to hacks, tips and tricks from the testers directly in the pattern

After my first Relaxed Peplum turned out to be a dud, it was kind of difficult to cut into this beautiful Eggplant colored 200 GSM Rayon Spandex from So Sew English, because what if I hated it? I really didn't need to worry because this top was absolute PERFECTION!! I put this top and on fell in 💖 LOVE 💖 I felt so beautiful and so girly and this top was NOTHING like the first one I made. This was definitely not a flop!

And even though I haven't made another, gotta find the perfect fabric first, I do plan on making another. Maybe with the full circle peplum next time. This is a beautiful and well put together pattern that I would definitely recommend, especially if you like the peplum style! There are so many combinations that this one will keep you busy for a good long time!

So, what is your final verdict? Do you like peplums? Why or why not?

Thursday, November 22, 2018

For Love of the Teddy

I claim that I can sew anything. I have had some experience in just about every area of sewing I can think of and I usually have some success. But this time, I needed to figure out how to sew love. My sweet little neighbor brought me over his teddy bear that his new puppy helped himself to and the poor guy was missing ears and a tail. With big, sad eyes Isaiah asked me to fix his ear but he didn't need a new tail. How on earth could I tell him no?

A few before shots

After taking a close look at Teddy's injuries I decided to start with the ears and there was no saving them, unfortunately. So I took the time to slowly remove the partial ears leaving some big holes that would need to be sewn up when the new ears were inserted.

This side actually had a large tear in the fabric that I didn't even know was there until the ear came out. Poor little guy! He also had a seam split on his tummy and one at the back of his neck. I'm not sure those were from the dog, but once Teddy was put in my hands he would receive the best care I could give him.

I just happened to have to fleece in my stash that was the perfect color, I used one of the missing ears and made an ear that seemed to be the right size and shape and then added seam allowance all the way around. Then I cut 4 the exact same size and shape and put two wrong sides together and serged them together, slipped them inside Teddy's head and used a ladder stitch to sew the ears in and closed all the extra holes, including the one where his tail had once been.

After a good brushing Teddy was just about ready to be handed back into the arms of his little boy.

After a quick photo shoot, Teddy was ready to go home!

There was no better reward for this little project then this little letter from Isaiah and his sister Dahlia. These kids! This, this is why I sew!